THE EXPEDITION is an adventure in time and space.  This feature film follows the incredible journey of Jason Lewis as he circumnavigates the world using only human power – no motors, no sails – on a thirteen-year odyssey of the will.

The astonishing scale of this mission unfolds as Jason’s story is revealed in reverse.  As he pedals, skates, and paddles over 46,000 miles, facing the challenges of an entire world at an unusually personal pace, a grizzled, determined explorer contemplating his existence becomes a reckless young man searching for an identity. This wild path through enlightenment and disaster explores how every journey is shaped by the unknown turns of the past.





"A journey of great courage and determination ... I believe it is important in our era of cars, trains and aeroplanes that we are reminded what human beings can achieve using their own strength and resources."—His Holiness The Dalai Lama


"One of the last great firsts for circumnavigation." –London Sunday Times. 


"An epic journey that few can rival in terms of endurance and overcoming obstacles. I admire Jason's tenacity so much."—Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild/Born Survivor


"It takes noble thinking on behalf of the planet, a love for life, and a soul full of dreams to accomplish a truly great journey. Jason's journey is not great. It’s freakin' epic!"
—Les Stroud, Survivorman